• What Is Unpacking and How to Play? What Is Unpacking and How to Play? Unpacking is a unique puzzle game that has quickly become a hit on mobile devices. The objective of the game is to help a little girl named Amy unpack her belongings from a box. The player does this by sliding the various objects around the screen to create a path for Amy to reach the exit. The game...
    • 23 July, 2022
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  • Best Alternative Games Best Alternative Games The games like unpacking are games like Tetris and Bejeweled. They are both puzzle games that involve matching and clearing objects from a board or screen. Both games are easy to learn and addictive, making them perfect for quick breaks or extended play sessions. Tetris is the classic puzzle that i...
    • 22 July, 2022
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  • 1.0.2 Content Update Preview 1.0.2 Content Update Preview Newest update for unpacking is version 1.0.2. The newest update includes bug fixes and performance improvements for unpacking. This update also includes an in-game timer as well as leaderboards. Download size for this update is 1.8 MB. If you finding for a new game to play, give unpacking a try. It...
    • 21 July, 2022
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